Sustainable Fashion & More

iiwiiCork is a vegan and sustainable fashion brand created to big up cork leather. A natural and sustainably sourced material that is light as silk, smooth as velvet and warmer than leather. We offer a collection of fashion items for both men and women. But the potential of cork fabric stretches beyond fashion. Think of smartphone and tablet cases. And even yoga mats. 

Our Story

We are Iyiapo and Felice and our live is plant-based. Living in the city of Amsterdam we do our upmost to maintain a free lifestyle.

We came across cork leather for the first time during a holiday in Portugal. There was a shop selling bags made from cork. At first it was hard to believe our eyes. Since it was made from the skin of a tree, not an animal. It felt soft, warm and inviting. We wondered how we had never seen or heard of this material before. After asking, we found out that it was waterproof and also easy to clean. Moreover, we learned the cork is sourced sustainably. More about cork fabric. After being in vegan catering we were ready for a new adventure. We thought that cork leather would be something nice for the people of Holland. So we set about to introduce it.

Our Philosophy

We think respect should be our only limit, respect for yourself and everybody else, may it be a plant, animal or the ground you walk on. Do unto them as you would have them do unto you.

Instead of carelessly taking from nature or trying to compete with her, we create with her and aim to fuel positivity, sustainability, kindness and a little dose of madness.

Planet Earth is full of blessings, it’s up to us to discover and sometimes re-discover what we thought we already knew. Look at things from a different perspective, clear our heads of judgement and make space to connect, share and enjoy.

Life’s journey brought us cork leather and it lit a little fire in our hearts which grew into a bright flame we are happy to share here with you.

Be Free to Connect

Why the name iiwiiCork? iiwii means “it is what it is”. Because we believe in acknowledging reality while keeping our mind free of judgement. The up and the down. The sour and the sweet. Because if you do that, you will see more clearly. As a result your imagination will run wild and free. So you can build bridges rather then walls.

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