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There Is No Alone, There Is All One - iiwiiCork - Fashion & More. Made of Cork.
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Food for thoughtiiwii

There Is No Alone, There Is All One

By maart 21, 2017 No Comments


When do we say something is one and not two? When it is connected to each other right?

Take a bike for example. It is made up of a whole heap of separate parts that are all ones in themselves. But when you connect all of them together you get one bike. One.

But is the oneness about the connection or is it about the interconnectedness that comes with connection? About the inevitable consequence that when one thing moves the other is moved. That when you spin the pedals the wheel will turn. At least when the bike is assembled correctly.

Now think of your best friend. Sometimes you just have to look at each other with a glimpse to know what the other is thinking. Now surely you are not physically connected but they are in another way. In a spiritual way you could say. Are you and your friend one? Or together part of another one? I would think so. How you feel influences how the other feels. Are you sad? Then i am sad too. I will make you happy again so i can be happy again too.

Have you ever got out of bed grumpy and snapped at someone on your way to work? That person probably snapped to someone else in return. And that someone else probably did the same. Every action has a reaction. Because we are all part of something bigger we are all connected in some way. We basically we live in one big chain reaction.

The Bigger Picture

Now think about gravity. What does it do? It keeps us all in one place, it forces our whole planet and everything on it into one entity. Think about it, you cant really leave or escape the earth. Most of us will be here and be a part of the earth for all our lives, there is not much we can do about that. We live we influences others, we die and our physical remains go back to the dirt.

Yes of course we can get away from the earth because we can travel to space. But the way i see is that the earth is just one part in something bigger, our solar system. Which in turn is a part of something bigger again, the universe. So some shoot of the earth and take a ride into our solar system. However they still can’t escape our solar system. (Although maybe in the future this is possible).

So the earth is a part of something bigger which is part of something bigger. Like our cells are part of something bigger, our body, which is part of something bigger, the earth.

So what is the point you might think. Well we are all one, part of another one, part of another one and i can go on like this forever. At least, until we reach the end of the universe. (If that even exists)

Well there is a point. Which is very important to remember. And that is that you always have a choice. You may be grumpy but you do not have to snap. You can redirect the grrrrrr energy, run it out or scream it out or cool it away. Whatever suits you. But you do have that choice. And because we would all agree that the other should use it responsibly (you don’t want to be snapped at, right?). We ourselves should use it responsibly.