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Yoga Mat made of Cork - Why This Mat Suits A Natural & Healthy Lifestyle - iiwiiCork
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Yoga Mat made of Cork

By maart 5, 2017 No Comments

A Natural Handmade Yoga Mat

This beautiful yoga mat made of cork fabric and EVA foam suits a natural and healthy lifestyle. The cork bark used to make cork fabric is harvested by hand without damaging the tree. After which the cork oak tree regrows its bark naturally in about 9 – 12 years. This makes the cork industry one of the finest examples of sustainable land use. Because cork fabric is virtually indestructible, this mat will last you a long time. More about cork fabric.

Of course we are very enthusiastic about this mat because it is made of cork fabric. Which we love. But to be honest, we are not the right people to actually test the mat. So we asked health coach and pilates teacher Helen Turner to do that for us. She had never seen a yoga mat made of cork before and was surprised about how flexible it is. She also liked that the mat is made in an eco friendly manner because it reduces the need for plastic and artificially made mats.

So what were her experiences with the mat? In her words “the mat is so soft to lie on and is non-slip, without that feeling of being ‘stuck’ that some yoga mats have. The mat is waterproof yet breathable and dries in a few seconds after cleaning. The cork is anti-bacterial, non-allergenic and anti-fungal. It rolls up easily so you can carry it to your yoga or pilates class.” Read the full article here.

Want one?

So are you looking for a new yoga/pilates mat that will actually last you a long time? And do you like natural things?  Then this might be the mat for you. Go here to order your cork yoga mat.